“The difference is obvious if you’re paying attention”


Disclaimer: I work full-time for the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE). However, this post is written entirely in my personal capacity and should not be taken to represent AWARE’s opinions or positions in any way.

From Singapore, where I currently live and work, comes an example of an anti-rape advertisement which focused on emphasising the importance of obtaining consent to sexual activity – rather than offering more stale and hoary “rape prevention tips” centred on curtailing women’s movements and activities.

The ad, commissioned by local feminist organisation AWARE, ran at a bus stop over a number of days during the run-up to Christmas. It contained a sea of the repeated words “don’t” and “stop”, with flashing lights in place of full stops, so that the text at some times read “don’t. stop.” and at others read “don’t stop.” A smaller inset panel stated:

The difference is obvious if you’re paying attention.

If it’s without consent, it’s rape.

A local helpline number was also included.

Image provided by and used with permission of AWARE.