New blogger: Amber Collins

I’m delighted to introduce our second new permanent blogger, Amber Collins. In her own words:

I’m keen to blog about sex, sexuality and relationships, hence the made-up name and very pretty picture of someone else. My interests include weightlifting, cartoons and cocktails, which is to say my feminist interests include body confidence, media representation and getting drunk (often with other feminists, it’s relevant).

My feminist background is rooted in uni activism, angry retweeting and reluctantly stepping up to be buzzkill in many a previously lighthearted conversation, so blogging seems a natural next step. I am very grateful to The F-Word collective for encouraging an untested blogger, and I hope that the art of creating ranty Facebook statuses overlaps with the skill of crafting interesting and thought-provoking posts.

Look out for her first post, coming soon!

Picture by V4LD3V on Flickr, shared under a Creative Commons licence.