Welcoming May’s guest bloggers

We are really pleased to introduce two women who will be guest blogging for us throughout May this year. They are Sarah Flude and Cat.

Here are their intros:

Sarah Flude

Hi, I’m Sarah Flude. At 28 I’m a ‘mature’ student, just completing my first year in a social policy and criminology degree at The University of Sheffield. I volunteer within a prison, helping to assist ex-offenders in their resettlement in the community following release from prison. My academic interests include gender and the prison system, restorative justice and the effects of class on criminality.

I’m Mum to six year old Isaac and am expecting my second child in October. I love food, reading, music and the theatre when I get time outside my hectic and slightly unorganised home life!


Cat is a young person who should probably be at university but is instead living in an irregular little town in Devon where she and her friends spend their time trying to figure out how to grow their own food, have a grand time of it, and not destroy the Earth in the process. She was born to South African parents and raised in the UK which has set her up for a lifetime of identity crises. It also means that she now thoroughly enjoys being the one left holding the fort whilst her peers hitchhike around Europe or party under the full moon in Thailand.

We are really looking forward to reading what they have to say.

[The image is of three ducks in flight. The ducks are rather charmingly known as Northern Shovelers, the photograph was taken by harmonica pete, and it is used under a Creative Commons Licence]