New review: Celluloid ceiling

Celluloid_ceiling_cover.jpgCelluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through, edited by Gabrielle Kelly and Cheryl Robson, is the latest title in the Women and the Arts series from Supernova Books.

Sophie Mayer says about the book in her review:

“As the main competition lineup for Cannes 2014 only featured two female directors, and this was triumphantly presented despite being a year-on-year increase of two, Celluloid Ceiling seems both timely and necessary. On the one hand, the book reveals, to quote Cate Blanchett, that “the world is round, people!”: women have been telling their stories on film since the beginning of the medium, internationally.

On the other hand, that historical continuum and its present expression in the current generation of female filmmakers – from Hollywood blockbusters such as Catherine Hardwicke to indie auteurs such as Andrea Arnold to local heroes such as Nandita Das – keeps failing to make inroads on public and critical consciousness. This is a book to smack down on the desk of Thierry Fremaux, the director of the Cannes Film Festival (or any programmer, professor or snotty cinemagoer who claims women aren’t as good at making films, or aren’t interested in making them), as abundant evidence not only of international female filmmaking, but its dynamism, ambition and complexity.”

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Call for authors!

Supernova Books is looking for authors/contributors for two new books in the Women and the Arts series, one title on women fashion designers in the UK and one on women architects.

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