Weekly round-up and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread! See below for links that got us thinking over the past few days; as ever, this does not imply endorsement. Feel free to add your own links and comment on the ones we’ve posted here.

Her Body, Her Choice: Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” (Fem 2.0)

How the Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign I Made is Being Manufactured and Donated to Colleges (It’s Pronounced Metrosexual)

Two articles related to femininity (Whipping Girl)

Discrimination at work goes unpunished as women can’t afford to sue (Independent)

Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt: we will do more to promote transgender rights


I was ill with hunger, went to prison for stealing food and became homeless (Guardian)

10 sexist scenarios that women face at work (Guardian)

Comment: If Mark Harper wants us all to go home, he should do his own cleaning (politics.co.uk)

The image shows a mop and bucket, shared under the Creative Commons Licence, uploaded by John Stratford