Introducing monthly blogger Sasha Garwood


Hi all,

For the month of March we’re going to host Sasha Garwood as our monthly blogger.

Here’s Sasha’s introduction.

Queer litgeek, writer, academic and critic Sashagoblin has a PhD in the cultural meanings attached to women, food and the body and a general obsession with pulling apart the more damaging bits of culture until people notice how fucked up we all are. She’s been a writer since first producing an illustrated story about rabbits aged four, and an academic since discovering books were much more fun than real work about six months later. She loves London, sushi, social history, old houses with big windows, being a redhead and John Wilmot Earl of Rochester, and hates making assumptions and writing biographies of herself. Her first book is with the publishers at the moment, which makes her nervous.

She blogs about at Can Opener in a Worm Factory and Ballad of Dissatisfaction, lives in the real world here, and needs more sleep.

Please give Sasha a warm welcome.

The illustration above depicts a woman in front of the underground symbol. Thanks Giuseppe Milo for the photo.