Weekly round-up and open thread


Hello and welcome to another weekly round-up and open thread. This is my first post as regular content editor for The F-Word and, in between having moments of sheer panic as I convince myself I have managed to publish half-finished posts to the blog, I am excited to be here and looking forward to getting involved in the running of the site.

While the poster may be new, the format is the same! Please read, absorb and enjoy this collection of interesting links from the past week and feel free to discuss in the comments section, or add your own link suggestions. As ever, linking does not automatically mean endorsement/agreement and some links may be triggering.

Inflicting suffering on those in need is now at the heart of our benefits system (Guardian)

Don’t ask if porn “empowers” women, instead ask if your feminism does (New Statesman)

From the post: “Personally, I love shooting porn that expresses my authentic sexuality, and I love that I can get paid doing something so rewarding. But I’m well aware that my experience has been empowering because I benefit from an intersection of race, class, cis and body privileges. Only giving airtime to ’empowered’ sex workers perpetuates the oppressive structures that feminism should be fighting against.”

The taboo of sex and disability: How can we shift the negative images that still dominate society’s attitudes? (The Independent)

Great books on Islamic feminism (Your Middle East)

Feminists – why are we still here? (Commonwealth Writers)

This directs to a series of short blog posts from women across the world, writing about why feminism matters (particularly from a writer’s/artist’s perspective but also more generally), encompassing topics such as gender segregation in Bangladesh, Black feminist publishing in the UK, female protagonists in the New Zealand film industry and the disappearance of Native Canadian women.

I too am Black and a Feminist: On the importance of Black British Feminism (Media Diversified)

Why India’s Daughter does a disservice to both men and women (Huffington Post)

Make sure you also check out Asiya Islam’s F-Word review of the India’s Daughter documentary here. Please note articles contain a number of references to rape and sexual violence.

TripAdvisor removes ‘feminist’ review (Guardian)

Woman slaps period pads all over her town for a very important reason (Huffington Post)

Gender balancing Wikipedia, one article at a time (Ms.)

From the post: “An astonishing 90 percent of Wikipedia’s editors are men, and that glaring imbalance often trickles down into who gets a Wikipedia entry and who doesn’t.”

‘An unwillingness to address sexism’ says Carrie Dunn (Kick it Out)

Carrie has previously blogged for The F-Word. You can read more from her here.

California is punishing low income people for having children (Feministing)

The amputee who impersonates celebrities with her stump (BBC)

Parents in the arts need to stage a childcare revolution (The Guardian – theatre blog)

The photo is by Håkan Dahlström and is used under a creative commons licence. It shows some white snowdrop flowers with green shoots emerging from barren looking ground. The flowers are sharply in focus in contrast to the background, which is blurred and could depict either a woodland or city setting.