April guest blogger


Introducing Rachel Charlton-Dailey as our April guest blogger!

A 26 year old PR student, writer and all round gob on a stick. Rachel is addicted to social media, takes too many selfies and watched Rupaul’s Drag Race on an almost constant loop. Nerdy but feminine, girly but intellectual. Rachel has Lupus, depression, osteoporosis and a whole other list of illnesses and aims to raise awareness of invisible illnesses and challenge stereotypes of how disabled people should look and behave by identifying as “chronic femme”. She is also a bisexual, living with man that she loves very much in the suburban wilderness that is Newcastle. In her spare time she writes, watches scifi shows, sings badly and drinks gin. She lists talking about herself in the third person as the weirdest thing she’s done this month, but hey it’s going to be a long one!

Rachel blogs at Happylittlesyllables and femtellectual , you can chat to her on twitter or stalk her selfies on instagram.

Please give Rachel a warm welcome!

The illustration above is a painting of a half a woman’s face. The title is “Her soul speaks”. Thanks Julie for the photo.

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