May 2016 playlist

Greetings, fellow music fans! It’s with a somewhat heavy heart that I am stepping down from monthly playlist duties. This by no means suggests that I will no longer be filling your hearts and minds with tunes, new and old, however. The music’s gonna keep coming, just in a different incarnation. Fear not!

As it’s my last playlist for a while, I’ve returned to the ‘soundtrack of my life’ (cue cheese). These are the tunes that I simply can’t resist and which continue to inspire me. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Sonic Youth are in my top three bands ever, so it’s only right and proper to include a few tunes. Tommy Genesis is a more recent artist currently rocking my world – and the Sunflower Bean track is pretty sweet, too.

And, Madonna… well, she’s where it all began, so it only seems fit to close with her.

24 playlists, 312 tunes = MEGA WIN. If you haven’t checked them out before, do so here. You’re in for a proper treat.

Until next time…

Image of Kate Bush, sitting at a piano adorned with leaves and foliage, fingers on keys, turning back to look at the camera. She looks heavenly. Image shared under a Creative Commons licence.