Introducing September’s monthly blogger

As we ease into autumn it’s time to welcome Tilly Grove as September’s monthly blogger.

In her own words:

“Tilly is a writer and social media moderator based in London. She has been blogging about feminism and social justice since she completed her war studies degree at university and ended up doing her final year dissertation on the intersection of gender and war.

A lot of her work and activism now is centred around sex worker rights and she is a passionate advocate for the decriminalisation of the sex industry. She speaks openly about mental health, especially in regards to her experiences having borderline personality disorder and the stigmatisation thereof.

Moderating comments online exposes Tilly to some of the most challenging views and individuals in society but this serves as inspiration to keep challenging harmful narratives that are still prevalent. When she’s not getting angry about something online, she can probably be found watching a documentary about Princess Diana or listening to a podcast about female serial killers. She realises this combination of hobbies may seem fairly concerning.”

Image by Karim Ghantous, from Unsplash.

Image is of a row of books with an artistic focus on how the spines are lined up. The camera focuses on the titles in the middle of the frame and artistically fades out as we move towards the edges of the frame.