Welcome Emily!

I’m delighted to welcome Emily Zinkin to the team as our new comics editor! Emily is a real comics fan and has lots of exciting ideas and comics-related content planned that I’m looking forward to reading about on the site.

In her own words:

Emily Zinkin

Emily first became an active feminist at university where she was on the leadership team of the UoN Feminists. The roots of her feminism can be traced back as early as primary school, where she indignantly asked why there were only three women to 25 men to choose from for the class science project (she chose Marie Curie). When Emily isn’t obsessing over media representation and superheroes (and talking about it at anyone who will listen), she can be found making truly exceptional cups of tea. Follow her on Twitter: @EmilyZinkin

Contact Emily with pitches for comics at [email protected]

The image at the top of the page is taken from the DC comics first ever edition of Catwoman. It shows a long, black-haired woman leaping out towards the reader, brandishing a long whip in her right hand and a menacing look on her face. This woman is not to be trifled with! She appears to be in a dimly lit museum and you can see dinosaur skeletons in the background. Images shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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