Feminist friendly and thought provoking wellbeing podcasts for Boxing Day

We kick off our modest summary of Boxing Day podcast listening with a US podcast, Self-Helpless, made by comedians Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook and Taylor Tomlinson. It’s featured on Conan and The Tonight Programme in the US and is a very irreverent listen, very chatty, but in a good way. If you’re feeling a bit delicate today you might want to leave this one until you’re feeling stronger as it’s a very boisterous listen, but do check it out.

Ctrl Alt Delete is Emma Gannon’s podcast and it’s based around the themes discussed in her book Ctrl Alt Delete, ie “Creativity, work, wellbeing, the internet, social media, feminism, identity, mental health, careers and everything inbetween” according to the shows Spotify blurb. It’s an intelligent and restful listen, guaranteed to get you thinking while unfolding at a gentle enough pace not to hurt your head.

Made of Human is Danish comedian Sofie Hagen’s interview based podcast. Every week she talks to a different person in depth about what makes them them. Particular highlights for me have included each of the Susan Calman episodes, plus a suitably deadpan and laconic Jo Brand. Aisling Bea was also a delight. 

Christmas and New Year are not always the happiest time of year for everyone, and it’s with this in mind that I’d like to recommend Griefcast. This unusual but compelling podcast is the project of Cariad Lloyd and it has a very simple premise, namely Cariad talking to comedians about death and how we express grief. Playing gently on the British stereotype of the stiff upper lip, Griefcast is not a depressing listen, but it is thoughtful, moving and sensitive. 

My next podcast post will appear on 28 December when we’ll be looking at feminist discussion and magazine podcasts

Photo of festive foliage and berries by Annie Spratt on Unsplash