In search of the feminist music podcast

For some time now I have been increasingly drawn into the world of podcasting. It probably helps that I don’t watch TV and do listen to a lot of radio, meaning that speech based material without visual aids is my go-to source of quick information and entertainment.

Recently, I’ve been trying to track down podcasts about women and music. There are a lot of radio shows that have a women and music focus, and which are streamed online, but these shows (great though they are) are music based and I was looking for something more analytical and speech based.

My search hasn’t turned up a massive selection of podcasts, and I’ve yet to find one that 100% meets my needs, but it is worth checking out Listening to Ladies, a US podcast that focuses on the area of classical music and which interviews a different composer each week. If you’re interested in classical music, or just in creativity, this is for you.

There is also Bree Noble’s Female Entrepreneur Musician, another US podcast, which is made very much with female musicians and industry workers in mind. It focuses strongly on entrepreneurship and, as such, is a good listen for early career artists and more established artists alike.

The only UK podcast I could find in this area was Laura Marling’s Reversal of the Muse, which ran as one series throughout 2017 and is still available to listen to. The concept behind the series was beautifully simple and well executed: Each episode saw Marling talk to a different woman about creativity. Those she spoke to included HAIM, Amanda Ghost and Marika Hackman, but she hasn’t just spoken to songwriters, she’s also spoken to engineers such as Vanessa Parr. The series is well worth a listen.

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash. Image shows a person wearing a grey top with black headphones around their neck. Their face is not visible.

My next podcast post will appear on Boxing Day when we’ll be looking at feminist friendly wellbeing podcasts