Team changes at The F-Word

We are very pleased to welcome two new guest post editors to The F-Word team. Elspeth Wilson and Tessa Leake! In their own words:

Elspeth Wilson

Elspeth is a researcher and writer interested in all things gender and sexuality related. She has a BA in social anthropology and an MPhil in gender studies and is always looking for ways to blur the lines between ‘art’ and ‘academia’. You can find her @ellijwilson on Twitter and @propleasurable where she is working on a project about the experience of pleasure after trauma.

Tessa Leake

Following a degree in musical theatre, Tessa is now a digital marketing executive for a small theatre in education company in Leeds. Her feminist journey began at a friend’s non fiction book club (in Meanwood in Leeds if anyone would like to join!) She is particularly interested in the body positivity movement and the representation of women in mainstream media.

Outside work, Tessa enjoys all things Harry Potter, murder mystery parties with her friends as well as long walks and snuggles with her chocolate labradoodle, Bertie. She can be found on Twitter @tessaleake92.

You can contact Elspeth and Tessa on [email protected] with any pitches and ideas for posts under 800 words. Read more about what we’re looking for here.

The F-Word has had a rotating editor system since 2013. Instead of one person being the long-term editor, we share the role, with new person coming into it every six to 12 months. Lissy Lovett is now stepping down after taking the role for a year, handing it over to Lusana Taylor, The F-Word’s non-fiction books and regular content editor. Thank you, Lissy, and congratulations, Lusana!

And finally, the team would like to say thank you to Christina Carè who stepped down from the site recently.

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash. It shows a line of girls sitting on a bench. They wear blue and orange sports shirts and look away from the camera and towards the pitch.