Weekly round-up and open thread

This week’s (slightly late!) round-up is a fortnightly round-up with links from the past two weeks. We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the issues covered in the articles we’ve picked.

As always, linking to articles does not mean endorsement from the F-Word and certain links may be triggering. We welcome debate in the comments section and on Facebook/Twitter but remind readers that any comments containing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or disablist language will be deleted immediately. If you notice that we’ve missed out any important articles from the past couple of weeks, feel free to let us know.

I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before (Susan Fowler, TIME)

Bangka Island: The WW2 massacre and a ‘truth too awful to speak’ (Gary Nunn, BBC News)

Jodie Ounsley: England rugby player risking hearing loss to reach the Olympics (Becky Grey, BBC Sport)

Arts bodies threatened with funding cuts over lack of diversity (Mark Brown, The Guardian)

Sex and Self-Knowledge: Beyond Consent (Katherine Angel, Verso Blog)

From the article: “We must be wary of urging particular (namely, assertive, direct) modes of sexuality on women as the pre-emptive solution to male sexual violence. This is a strategy that places the burden of sexual communication, and of sexual violence, disproportionately on women, making them—their feelings, and their words—responsible for good sex. And if women fail in these requirements, who bears the burden of that failure?”

‘How do I convince the Home Office I’m a lesbian?’ (Kirstie Brewer, BBC News)

The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go (Sarah Miller, The New York Times)
From the article: “I don’t actually think beauty is restricted to certain types of women at all. I don’t think you need to be thin to have sex or find love. I know all this but am sorry to report that I only like myself thin. My weight has probably occupied 50 percent of my thinking for my entire life. I am on a diet now. I just lost eight pounds. I want to lose 15 more.”
Behind the Curtain: Introducing our columnist making theatre a more inclusive space (Ava Wong Davies, gal-dem)

From the article: “As a teenager, if I struggled to understand a show, I’d go online and end up finding dreary and sterile-feeling reviews. This was, in part, down to the fact that the majority of broadsheet critics (i.e. the first reviews that come up when you Google a show’s reviews) were (are) middle-aged, posh, cis straight white men and women who were writing for precisely that demographic, consciously or not. It was disconcerting for a 17-year-old mixed-race girl, who’d just seen a fusty production of Hedda Gabler (a super famous play she didn’t realise was super famous), to be told by a bunch of old white guys that it was, actually, a seminal piece of work.”

The F-Word interviewed Wong Davies recently: https://thefword.org.uk/2019/11/im-writing-it-for-a-younger-version-of-myself/

“I kind of dominated”: teenage girl beats boys to North Carolina wrestling title (The Guardian)

Is it OK to have a child? (Meehan Crist, The London Review of Books)

From the article: Having a child is at once the most intimate, irrational thing a person can do, prompted by desires so deep we hardly know where to look for their wellsprings, and an unavoidably political act that increasingly requires one to confront not only the complex biopolitics of pregnancy and birth, but also the intersecting legacies of colonialism, racism and patriarchy, all while trying to wrap one’s head around the relationship between the impossible extremes of the personal and the global.

Why is British media so transphobic? (Edie Miller, The Outline)

I have begun to see people who obsess about their weight as part of their lifestyle as a class of their own (Marisa Meltzer, The Cut) [Book excerpt]

Unpacking the Twitter Bullying Involving the Director of Guns Akimbo (Jessica Mason, The Mary Sue)

Older women are needlessly going blind. Why isn’t it a national scandal? (Dorothy Byrne, The Guardian)

bell hooks, 100 Women of the Year (dream hampton, Time)

This is Gender photography competition – in pictures (The Guardian)

One of the last abortions in Louisiana? Diary of a woman from a clinic under threat of closure (Rosemary Westwood, The Guardian)

The Production of Ignorance (CN Lester)

Defining Transphobia, an important debate for the trans community… (UnCommon Sense)

I worry for my teenage boys – the beauty standards for young men are out of control (Emma Beddington, The Guardian)

A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People (musicotic, reddit)

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