The F-Word transparency data 2021

Today the F-Word published its position on racism. This sits alongside our position on disablism and access and our position on transphobia and cissexism, and lays out our commitments to anti-racism and recognising the centrality of the anti-racist project to the project of feminism. 

One aspect of our new policy is that we wanted to be more transparent about the makeup of our team and contributors. 

As such, we conducted a survey of our team members, in the first instance, and will be asking future contributors to fill out an anonymous diversity form too. Below are the results of the survey. 

We recognise that we are currently a very white team with no transgender members. The F-Word has always sought to platform issues that affect the most marginalised, but we recognise the limitations of doing so without broader representation and we would love to have a team that is more diverse. 

We also recognise the challenge of trying to recruit more section editors of colour when we do not have the means to pay anyone at the site. By virtue of their statistically higher incomes, white women are more likely than Black and other minority ethnic women to be able to work for free alongside paid work and studies. In addition, there may be an impression that because the team is predominantly white, we may not provide a welcoming environment for women of colour. 

We will work to make the team as inclusive an environment as possible. We will update the results of the survey on an annual basis. We will also do this by paying close attention to ensure that the principle of intersectionality is embedded in our working processes and avoiding cliques that may reflect disproportional power on the basis of race or any other characteristic. With this in mind, any subgroups (for example working groups or subcommittees) should always serve both the editorship and the site readership in terms of all forms of oppression, with any concerns about representation taken seriously at all times.

Results of our diversity monitoring form – this represents a snapshot of the team as at September 2021:   

  • 17 team members responded to the form. 
  • 100% identified as women. 
  • No members identified as transgender.
  • 100% used she/her pronouns. 
  • Three members are between the ages of 16-24, nine are between 25-35 and five members are between 35-44. 
  • Five members identified as being disabled, neurodiverse, Deaf, or as having a long term mental or physical health condition.
  • Nine members identified as straight, five as bisexual, one as queer and one as ‘other’. 
  • 14 members identified as having no religion, two as Christian, and one as ‘other’.
  • Seven members identified as white British, three as Caucasian/white, one as white eastern European, and two as mixed white and Afro-Caribbean.  
  • Two members identified as being women of colour.

We will collect data again this September 2022 and publish our results before January 2023.

Image description: Close-up of a droplet of water splashing into a larger pool. The image is a teal colour. Used with permission courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels.