Ealasaid Gilfillan

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Men and Children First

Can women ever achieve parity with men when deep seated views of their physical weakness still remain? Ealasaid Gilfillan argues that linking 'women and children' together is a symptom of the sort of ingrained attitudes that must be challenged if women are to move forwards. ...
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The Appliance of Science

Earlier this year the President of Harvard made some controversial comments about innate differences between men and women. Ealasaid Gilfillan explains why we should care, and how feminists can contribute to the debate by learning to distinguish between science and politics. ...
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Sports Illustrated

When Maria Sharapova won the women's final at Wimbledon this summer, her success was covered extensively by the press. However, the majority of the coverage focussed excessively on her appearance, as Ealasaid Gilfillan explains. ...