New Review: Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

‘Move in the right direction’ is the second single from the new Gossip album A Joyful Noise Hayley Foster da Silva has reviewed the album and found herself listening to a band not so much at the crossroads as a band who have navigated the crossroads and are merrily on their way towards previously unknown musical territory.

Here’s an extract of what she had to say:

A Joyful Noise is the much anticipated fifth album from the highly admired US three piece band Gossip, and is the follow up to their successful 2009 album Music For Men. This album seems to represent a turning point for the band and their sound, and it shows.

Front woman Beth Ditto has given much credit to the 1990s riot grrrl movement for the music she has created with Gossip, and to the small independent riot grrrl labels that released their earlier albums – K Records (who released Gossip’s debut EP) and the famous Kill Rock Stars label (who released the next three albums, before they signed up to major label Columbia for Music for Men.) In what seems to me like an interesting parallel, it appears that with this album the trademark sound of the Gossip has evolved in a similar way to probably the most famous riot grrrl of them all – Kathleen Hanna.

Gossip a joyful noise.jpg

Kathleen Hanna started off making punk infused noise in riot grrrl band Bikini Kill, before moving on to form the band Le Tigre, who, although they still had the same punk and feminist ethics as Bikini Kill always had, made notably different music – with Le Tigre the music was more electronic and dance oriented. Gossip started off their career with a blend of blues, indie and punk, evolving into more electronic territory on Standing in the Way of Control and Music for Men. On A Joyful Noise the electronic element is still present, but the music seems to be a bit more commercial and dance oriented.

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