The F-Word editor rotates again

I started my stint as rotating editor in July 2020, just a couple of months into the Covid-19 pandemic. It feels like an age away. After being the site’s features editor for a couple of years, I loved the change in role: from editing individual pieces to overseeing the site as a whole, chairing meetings and managing recruitment. I am indebted to Lusana, the previous RE, who was so supportive as I transitioned into the role, as well as other team members whose experience and wisdom helped tremendously in what was at times a very daunting position.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had editors come and go. We said goodbye to Sojo (music), Vicky (podcasts), Zöe (fiction). Thank you for all your hard work! We welcomed a new social media manager, Fliss, as well as Kathryn (features), Leah (fiction), Olivia (non-fiction). More recently, Cleo and Freya took over from Sojo and Ciara respectively – a huge thanks to them for all their hard work! Laurie also took over theatre and comedy from Lissy, who had been writing monthly stage blogs since 2016! And Lusana stepped down from doing the weekly roundups, which she has been doing since 2015! Both of them have worked so hard at producing popular content for the site, and we’re very grateful. We also saw the creation of an entirely new sex and relationships section, with Connie at the helm.

I was proud to have initiated and overseen the site’s position on racism: an internal and external policy designed to help us be more transparent and to make practical commitments to use The F-Word’s platform to combat racism in all its forms. This was a whole-team effort that required months of work – I’m really proud of what we have put together.

Now for the exciting news, I’m pleased to announce that the RE baton has been passed onto two members of the team for the first time: Lissy, who was the rotating editor from 2018–2019 and was our comedy and theatre editor until last year, and our picture editor, Jenny. They have both done such brilliant things for the site over the years and are so sharp and astute in their judgements. I know they will be an excellent duo!

As for me, I will be staying with the site albeit in a quieter role as a contributing editor. I will be monitoring the progress of our position on racism, for which I have overall responsibility. I’m super excited to see all the exciting things the site publishes in the coming months.

*The F-Word has had a rotating editor system since 2013. Instead of one person being the long-term editor, we share the role, with new person coming into it every six to 12 months.

Image description: A golden cogwheel on a black background. Used with permission by Miguel Á. Padriñán via Pexels. 

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