The editor rotates, again

Time flies.

As hard as I find it to believe it’s already been a year since Megan handed over The F-Word’s rotating editorship to me in July 2015, that is actually the case.

It’s been a busy year for the site: before I took over, our team grew by five new editors in March 2015 and then expanded even more with two additional members in June 2015. Since then, some left to pastures new while others changed focus to do what they feel most passionate about. Megan is now looking after our monthly bloggers and she was replaced as a theatre editor by Lissy, who also looks after comedy. One of our permanent bloggers D H Kelly has been doing a great job in the features section, alongside writing engaging blogs and features. As I’m vacating the rotating editor position, we are in the middle of another wave of recruitment: watch this space. You can always find out what The F-Word team members currently do on the About us page.

In July 2015 we migrated from our antiquated and no longer supported CMS to WordPress: thank you for bearing with us through all small bumps on that road. In related news, we would love to change the site’s look and feel in the near future: if you are a designer, developer or digital consultant with a feminist conscience, feel free to get in touch (editor[at] to recommend people who could help us do it by giving advice and/or preferential quotes.

I am leaving The F-Word’s behind-the-scenes machinery in the capable hands of Holly, who has been involved with the site from as early as 2002. She will be the rotating editor for at least six months from now. All the best, Holly!

The picture was taken by Ania in Bristol on Saturday 9 July 2016.

It’s a piece of graffiti on Wilder Street, showing a person, probably a woman, with pinkish lips and a beauty spot above her lips, wearing a colourful party mask covering the upper half of her face. It’s green and blue and pink and is shaped perhaps after bird’s feathers. The person’s eyes are bulging and toxic green, she (?) has plug earrings with skulls and more reddish/yellow feathers/hair in the back of her head. There is a tag “Clandestine” in the bottom left corner, no copyright infringement intended.

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