Amber Collins

How I made sure I didn’t go home with a rapist

Arranging to meet and sleep with strangers is not an activity with any guarantees of safety. I accepted the risk and did my best to minimise it. What little vetting I did (and I didn't always) was based around principles of respect. I had a one-strike policy for any sign of disrespect, which tended to fall into three red flag categories... ...
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What can I do about my white privilege?

This week in "Awkward Conversations On My Facebook": what begins as a humorous post about race takes a turn for the humourless when a white person says to the brown person who began the thread, "Talking about white privilege makes me uncomfortable - what can I do to help?" Stay tuned to find out... ...

How I ended up online dating for sex

The scene: my relationship with the guy who was supposed to be The One (Or At Least The One Right Now) had reached an amicable end. I was approaching a milestone birthday with zero faith in lifelong monogamy as a system that would ever work for me and generally feeling pretty resigned to some time away from men. Then I had a one night stand with an attractive man 10 years younger than me. ...

Amber Collins

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