Alessia Galatini

Film and TV editor

Alessia Galatini is Film and TV editor for The F-Word. She has a BA in Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University and an MA in Screenwriting from London College of Communication. She won the 2017 Sandra Ashman Prize for Fiction and is currently working on two short films. As a feminist and LGBT writer, she’s got a thing for narratives that play with the unexpected and challenge tropes and conventions. She also really likes penguins

Alice Parkin

Visual arts editor

Alice is eternally studying for a PhD in archaeology; otherwise she’s a huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd who lives in her local cinema, loves taking cat photos, playing videogames and making geeky embroidery

Ciara Garcha

Politics editor

Ciara is from Manchester and is passionate about all things politics and history! She loves books, writing and is a huge Manchester United fan. She is interested in pretty much anything relating to feminism and political history

D H Kelly

Contributing editor and blogger

D H Kelly is a writer who buys bird food in bulk

Emily Zinkin

Comics editor

Jenny Williamson

Picture editor

Ania Ostrowska

Contributing editor

Ania has been The F-Word's film editor since 2011. She's seriously biased towards documentaries (because she believes that truth is stranger than fiction) and was recently awarded a PhD for her work on contemporary women documentarians in the UK.

Genevieve Richardson


Genevieve Richardson is the current editor of The F-Word (as of July 2020). She is an occasional writer and full-time cat mother from London. She currently works in Parliament. Her enthusiasm for feminism was firmly cemented during her master’s degree in development studies. There, she also set up a feminist book club and ran sexual consent workshops for new graduate students. She has a particular interest in intersectionality, gender-based violence, socialist feminism, and sex and body positivity. She also enjoys singing, learning new languages and cultivating her skincare collection. When she’s not tweeting about pop culture and embarrassing moments, she tweets earnestly about gender and race.

Holly Combe

Contributing editor

Holly Combe has been a feminist for as long as she can remember but became active when she joined Feminists Against Censorship (FAC). She started reading and contributing to The F-Word in 2002 after receiving an e-mail about the site in a Yahoo group she took part in at the time. She joined the blog in 2005, was a music editor from 2011 (a role she stayed in until 2014) and became editor of the TV section in 2013 (until 2016). She was the rotating editor from July 2016 to July 2017. Holly has had writing published in a number of other outlets including Yahoo!, STUDIO magazine, Economic Issues, Scarlet magazine, The Guardian, The Fresh Outlook, The New Statesman, Bookslut, Girlchick and The Oxford Mail. She mainly works as a copy editor, but you can sometimes catch her taking part in radio debates or DJ’ing. Along with this, she has an MA in Applied Social Research. You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollycombe

Joanna Whitehead

Jo is a London-based writer and editor specialising in LGBTQ+ lives, travel, women, culture and more. She has written for The Independent, The i, DIVA magazine and PinkNews. From 2014-17, she was The F-Word’s music editor, and the site’s rotating editor from July 2017-18. Prior to focussing on writing full-time, Jo worked in the criminal justice system and charitable sector supporting victims of crime. Originally from Yorkshire, she likes reading, long walks, music, petting stranger’s dogs and chocolate. You can find her on Twitter @MsWhitehead100

Jess McCabe

Editor at large

Lissy Lovett

Comedy and theatre editor

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: That’s not funny! Lissy Lovett works in the arts and lives in London. She likes comedy, theatre, reality television, sewing, beer, Norwich City Football Club and feminism. From time to time she tweets @lissylovett.

Lusana Taylor

Non-fiction and regular content editor

Lusana is the regular content editor The F-Word. Her feminist awakening came by way of Bikini Kill and The Beauty Myth. When she’s not working as an editor for an independent fiction publisher, she’s probably taking photos of her cat.

Abby O'Reilly

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Aisling Twomey

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Amber Collins

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Amy Grant

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Asiya Islam

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Carrie Dunn

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Cazz Blase

Previous team member

Cazz Blase is a writer/journalist/blogger from Stockport. She has been writing for The F-Word since 2002 and co-edited the music section alongside Holly Combe between 2011 and 2013. Her growing awareness of sexism as a young teenager in the early 1990s coincided with a burgeoning political awareness, post Poll Tax riots, and with her discovery of both the 70s punk scene and the 90s Riot Grrrl movement. This led her to create the fanzine Aggamengmong Moggie between 1993 and 1999 and (much, much later) to write extensively about the UK Riot Grrrl scene and women and the UK punk scene. She will happily explore all kinds of music and has a ‘restless ears’ approach to trying different things out, which has led to a proliferation of Swedish electro/R&B on her mp3 player and a fascination with loud, angry, glitchy electro pop. She saw Florence + The Machine headline British Summer Time in Hyde Park in July 2016 and hasn’t been quite the same since. Cazz also writes about music on her personal blog and about Manchester and Greater Manchester at Too Late for Cake.

Charlene Moore

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Chella Quint

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Christina Carè

Previous team member

Christina Carè was a contributing editor for The F-Word and writes regularly at She works in in the arts for Spotlight, the home of casting, and is very interested in relationships, art, language and class issues as they intersect with feminism. She tweets erratically @christinacare

Dawn Robinson

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Elspeth Wilson

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Erin Aniker

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Gemma Fraser

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Harriet Kilikita

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Helen G

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Iman Qureshi

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Jolene Tan

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Josephine Tsui

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Kaite Welsh

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Lily Kendall

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Liz Smith

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Lizzie Atkinson

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Lola Adesioye

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Louise Livesey

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Lucy Everitt

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Lynne Miles

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Mathilda Gregory

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Megan Stodel

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Monica Karpinski

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Nicholl Hardwick

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Philippa Willitts

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Pooja Kawa

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Samara Ginsberg

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Sara Vali

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Shiha Kaur

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Shoshana Devora

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Sophie Jackson

Previous team member

Sophie is a feminist writer and editor, having discovered the joy of writing when she was gifted a Barbie typewriter on her fourth birthday. She co-edits features for The F-Word and writes about feminism’s intersections with mental health and LGBT+ communities. Sophie makes a living working in student politics and spends her spare time watching any television about happy queer characters that she can possibly find. Born and raised in New Zealand, she now lives as close to London as she can get without going broke. You can find her on Twitter at @sophlynne

Sophie Whitehead

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Stephanie Phillips

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Tessa Leake

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Yasha Gosrani

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Fliss Alma

Social media editor

Fliss was introduced to feminism through reading a second-hand copy of The Female Eunuch as a precocious 10-year-old, and happily adopted the label of feminist. Thankfully, her feminist education expanded a lot and she embraces an inclusive, intersectional approach that focuses on social justice and equity for all. By day, she works in comms for a large national charity in London, by night she reads, watches trash TV with her flatmate and continues her ongoing search for the perfect red lipstick.

Kathryn Creith

Features editor

Kathryn Creith is an aspiring journalist in the world of news and politics. Originally from Northern Ireland, she has recently moved to London and is enjoying navigating the city life. Her passion for feminism began during her university degree, in English Literature. Her favourite female writers include Maya Angelou and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She also loves exploring new places, coffee dates with friends, Pilates and a good Netflix series.

Leah Cross

Fiction editor

Originally from Manchester, Leah lives in London and worked as a literature programmer before joining a human rights charity that supports writers and artists. She occasionally writes fiction and likes to read books written by women.

Olivia Logan

Non-fiction editor

Olivia is from Edinburgh and lives in Berlin. She likes eating vegan food, reading Zadie Smith books, comedy, learning languages, swimming in lakes and socialist feminism.

Sojourner McKenzie

Sojourner McKenzie is a writer/editor with ‘chaotic bisexual energy’, according to some guy at a party. She loves movies, music and socialism.

Vicky Wright

Podcasts editor

Vicky is a Leeds-based podcast and radio enthusiast. She can normally be found on a long walk in the Dales with her headphones on, or driving round the country to visit friends scattered around the UK. She's been doing student radio for 4 years and volunteering for a podcast production company since leaving uni.

Zoe Turner

Fiction editor

Zoe works for an independent publisher in Manchester. She is the co-host of spoken word night 'Verbose', and co-editor of The Book of Newcastle. She is a writer of prose and poetry, with work published at Dear Damsels and The Grapevine.


The role of overall editor at The F-Word is rotated between the team. The current editor (from July 2020) is Genevieve Richardson.

Pauline Blanchet

Pauline Blanchet is a photographer, videographer and producer. After graduating from SOAS, University of London, she founded Aral Sea Productions which seeks to widen participation in the creation of documentaries, photography, and audio.

Alex Barnes

Alex Barnes (he/him) is a student at the University of Edinburgh from Kent, studying Philosophy and Theology. He would like to remind you that all black lives matter

Amy Lee

Amy Lee holds a BA/LLB from the University of Queensland and a LLM from the University of Melbourne. She is a lawyer based in the US

Anna Dannreuther

Anna is a human rights lawyer with a particular interest in women’s rights and has worked in London and New York. She founded and runs the website She's on Twitter @annadannreuther

Anne Charnock

Anne Charnock’s debut novel, A Calculated Life, was a finalist for the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award and the 2013 Kitschies Golden Tentacle Award. Her writing career began in journalism and her articles have appeared in The Guardian and New Scientist among others. She studied environmental science at the University of East Anglia and gained an MA in fine art at the Manchester School of Art. She is interviewer-in-residence for the Arthur C. Clarke Award as part of a collaboration between the award and the Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Anne is also a founder member of the Womens’ Writing Network. You can find out more about her on her website or on Twitter @annecharnock

Antonia Louisa Georgiou

Antonia is a London-based writer with degrees from Queen Mary University and UCL. She is culture editor at New Socialist where she writes primarily on film from a feminist perspective. A lifelong feminist and animal welfare advocate, her other areas of interest include mental health, disability rights and an end to austerity.

Caitlin Warren

Caitlin is a film graduate and writer who works in television production. She is fascinated by onscreen representation, particularly of under-represented groups

Caroline Slocock

Caroline Slocock is a writer, lyricist and producer based in London. RUTH is her passion project

Charlotte Barnes

Charlotte Barnes is a West Midlands based author, poet and academic. She can often be found with her head in a book, or prattling on about a book she's just finished reading. For all things book-, tea- or writing-related, you can follow her on Twitter: @charleyblogs

Daniel Dyson

Daniel Dyson is a part-time writer, part-time primary teaching assistant. He is terrifyingly close to 30 and trying very hard to turn one of these into a proper career. His main interests are equality, football and Paw Patrol

Eleanor Dewar

Eleanor Dewar is 21 and a recent graduate who likes to write about theatre, feminism and life as an autistic woman. She aims to have seen all of Shakespeare’s plays by the time she is 30

Elsie Haldane

Elsie Haldane is a student from Scotland who can be found singing or eating cake in her spare time

Emma Chan

Emma Chan blogs about genitals at She is a trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology, currently on an extended break, and a sex education facilitator with Sexplain UK

Hala Rahaman

Hala Rahaman a law graduate working In London. She enjoys reading classical literature in her spare time

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams likes reading and writing thinkpieces

Helena Snider Martin

Helena Snider Martin is a freelance arts reviewer who has written about theatre for The F-Word and The Upcoming. She is currently studying for an MFA in Theatre Directing at Birkbeck

Isobel Anderson

Isobel Anderson is a musician, sound artist and mentor. She has had 20 million streams on Spotify, has an MA and PhD in Sound Art and in 2017 was a PRSF Women Make Music recipient

Jenna Kirby

Jenna is an Account Manager working in digital marketing, based in the south-west. She volunteers with dogs where she can and also is an ambassador for the Young Women's Trust, supporting women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay

Jessica White

Jessica White is a PhD student at the University of Liverpool, researching the history of the British textile industry and its representation in nineteenth-century literature. She is currently interning on the BBC Radio 4 podcast You're Dead To Me, hosted by Greg Jenner, contributing to the writing and research team. She is an avid reader, and particularly interested in reading women and non-binary writers, especially those from or writing about Ireland, the north of England and Nigeria. She writes mini book reviews of everything she reads on Instagram.

Jo Greene

Jo Greene works for a company that provides sanitary bins to companies in the UK. She frequently writes about topics concerning women’s health, menstrual health and issues surrounding period poverty

Katharine Palmer

Katharine Palmer is a research assistant in Nutritional Psychology. She is originally from Cambridge and holds a BSc in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Health.

Kirsty Folan

Kirsty is a singer songwriter and released an album last year which can be found on Bandcamp. She is hoping to soon study a PhD on the effects of age on creativity in popular music. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, long walks in the countryside and cosy nights in

Lauren Hossack

Lauren has written about culture for sites across the internet. A recent audiobook convert, she now aspires to listen to books as often as she reads them. She tweets occasionally @LtweetH

Leah Holroyd

Leah is a freelance educational designer and consultant who spends a lot of her spare time thinking about languages and linguistics, mental health, or cryptic crosswords. She dreams of writing novels but is usually too busy reading them. Follow her on Twitter at @wordsaboutbooks

Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips lives in Manchester and is a marathon running convert and wannabe triathlete. Her writing is published/forthcoming in Constellate Literary Journal, Pithead Chapel, the Pulp Idol 2018 anthology and others. She has performed at Liverpool's Writing on the Wall festival, is nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize for fiction, and can sometimes be found on twitter @lisacphillips

Liz Barker-Woods

Liz Barker-Woods is a British writer and editor currently living in the USA. She earns a living through writing for businesses but writes short stories, plays and an ever-expanding novel on the side

Megan Potts

Megan Potts is a nursery teacher and freelance journalist, trying to make small changes that lead to a big difference

Molly Greeves

Molly Greeves is a student journalist who loves music, theatre, films and literature

Natalie Bray

Natalie is a comedy writer, actress and producer who is currently recovering from an eating disorder. She lives in East London

Poppy Burton-Morgan

Poppy Burton-Morgan is a writer and director

Rachel Kevern

Rachel Kevern is a French and English literature undergraduate at the University of Oxford. She enjoys art, films, books, acting, drinking coffee and writing about things that have absolutely nothing to do with her degree

Rebeka Lužaitytė

Rebeka Lužaitytė is a Media & Communication graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University, where she served as the Entertainment & Technology editor for the student magazine, The EDIT. She is currently studying MSc Film Studies at The University of Edinburgh

Rosie Chalmers

Rosie has just graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in English literature. Her final year dissertation considered the queering of identity in the work of Djuna Barnes and James Joyce. She is a lover of books, films and sausage dogs.

Sabrina Doshi

Sabrina Doshi is a freelance writer, who has graduated with a BA degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of York and is an incoming Masters student at the University of St Andrews. She is a passionate feminist, regularly writing and campaigning against sexism. She is the founder of the website, Beyond The Western Gaze which shares blogposts about diverse history and cultures.

Samuel Sims

Samuel Sims is a freelance writer and editor, as well as Reviews Co-Ordinator for A Younger Theatre. He has written for QX and Candid Magazines, Diva and A Younger Theatre on subjects such as mental health, sexuality and gender. He is currently learning Japanese but has to be considerably drunk to speak it when prompted

Sophie Small

Sophie Small is Tumblr Community Manager for the Girl Museum. Based in Liverpool, she is passionate about feminism, advocacy, heritage and creative expression. And also chocolate. Sporadically, she tweets @sophieesmall More reliably, you can find this project and more at @girlmuseum

Suzanne Duffy

Suzanne Duffy is a northerner in exile, beer-drinker and occasional theatre critic

Taryn De Vere

Taryn de Vere is a parenting advisor, founder of Parents for Equality, joy bringer, a writer and a mother of five

Thais Nepomuceno

Thais Nepomuceno is a Brazilian audio-visual producer and journalist based in Berlin. Since a young age she has worked as a producer of events dedicated to the youth from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, such as Geringonca Project and Cineclub CineCamarim. She has written numerous online film reviews and contributed as interviewer and photographer to the project Mulheres Poderosas. Currently she’s working as a journalist while researching and producing her first documentary about the neighbourhood of Madureira in Rio de Janeiro

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey has dual Canadian/British citizenship, and as such, enjoys attending music and arts events in both the UK and Canada. Victoria works as a freelance writer and is currently working on a PhD and novel focusing on the history of representation and realisation of single mothers over the last century

Zoe Russell

Zoe Russell is non-monogamous and would highly recommend giving it a whirl