Features and reviews round-up

Features & reviews you might have missed from The F-Word in June

This is a round-up to ensure those who follow us via RSS are made aware of all of the articles we post on our website – it’s also an excuse to re-share the many awesome features and reviews from the past month!

The following links are all to articles published during June.

The likeability factor
Do we judge women more harshly than men? Do feminists need to be likable? The Legacy asks difficult questions about gender and social conscience, writes Suzanne Duffy

Real Men are dodging the reality of manhood
Kevin Queer on the Real Men movement, and why hugs and prayer bowls are not going to address problems of patriarchy and power

Black, proud and punk
Amy Squirrell chats about race, punk and DIY culture with Big Joanie, the all-female, black punk band

Feminist apocalypse, now!
Wedaeli Chibelushi is charmed by Jenny Hval’s explicitly (and explicit!) feminist new album Apocalypse, Girl

This film is hmmm…
Holly Millar sees potential in the story at the heart of agnès b.’s debut feature but is disappointed with how it was executed

The delayed appreciation of Delaunay
Striking, colourful and innovative, the work of Sonia Delaunay has been uncelebrated for too long; Kyra Sian reviews the retrospective at Tate Modern

A kinder, gentler Litchfield?
Sasha Garwood follows up on Dawn Kofie’s recap of season two of Orange is the New Black, with the lowdown on the first episode of season three

Electrifying quest
Kat Wootton praises Electricity for its original take on a classic quest narrative and clever stylistic solutions

Orange is the New Black is Back
US women’s prison comedy-drama Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on 12 June. Before the inevitable back-to-back marathon watching sessions commence, Dawn Kofie provides a recap of season two and considers what might be on the agenda for season three

Military monologues
Mattie Lacey-Davidson finds the seven monologues created from the stories of real US servicewomen intense and impactful, recommending The Lonely Soldier Monologues for its important messages

“I’m in the fucking band!”
Tomboy give it some attitude, says Cazz Blase

Origins: Festival of First Nations (London, 9-24 June)
Sophie Mayer previews the film programme of Origins: Festival of First Nations that celebrates female filmmakers from across the globe, telling the stories of Indigenous women

The image is taken from the review by Kyra Sian and is by Sonia Delaunay. It is used with permission – © Pracusa 2014083. The image depicts Delaunay’s ‘Electric Prisms’ 1913, Davis Museum at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, gift of Mr. Theodore Racoosin. A piece of colourful abstract art, with an image made out of circles and lines and a rainbow of colours.